Urgent Care

If your employees become injured or ill on the job, the provider at our onsite clinic can evaluate and treat them almost immediately, and can even dispense prescription medicine before the patient leaves the clinic. Save time, don’t worry about transportation, and provide better health outcomes for your employees.

Illness and injury assessment

One of the most difficult parts of illness and injury is deciding whether or not a trip to the emergency room is necessary. Our skilled providers can evaluate your employee’s health condition and determine what next best steps would be, potentially saving you and your employee an expensive ambulance ride.

Minor illness and injury treatment

For illnesses and injuries that don’t require emergency medical attention, we can provide convenient treatment right in your onsite clinic. We can treat colds, cuts, and sprains at early stages so your employees can get back to work sooner.

Over-the-counter medications

Pain, allergies, and cold symptoms can interfere with your employees’ ability to work productively. We stock common over-the-counter medications to treat these symptoms so your employees can focus on their job duties.

Wellness checks

We can perform blood pressure checks and glucose testing for employees with chronic conditions.