Occupational Medicine

Occupational medicine is our specialty, and we have a proven track record of good health outcomes. In fact, AnovaWorks scored five times higher than the median in a study on days of work lost, and two times better than our nearest competitor.

Whether it’s workers’ compensation, regulatory exams, or treating work injuries, we provide a complete occupational medicine solution.

Work-relatedness assessment

We’re experienced at evaluating the work-relatedness of injuries, and our goal is to always provide an unbiased, accurate medical assessment. By building empathetic relationships with both patients and employers, we help to ease the stress inherent in these situations.

Treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses

Our specialists provide thoughtful, appropriate medical treatment, using evidence-based medicine consistent with recommendations of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Return-to-work evaluations

Safety is our top concern when performing return-to-work evaluations: employees must be able to perform their job duties safely to protect themselves, coworkers, and the public. Whether your employee has been away for personal or work-related health issues, we provide comprehensive evaluations and provide honest, HIPPA-compliant feedback to you and your employee.

Job fitness evaluations

Fitness for Duty is a core function of a good occupational medicine provider. AnovaWorks trains its providers in a process that provides a clear, medically defendable outcome. This process has been proven in hundreds of cases in the Northwest. It protects the rights of the employee and liabilities of the employer.

Activity Prescriptions

AnovaWorks' providers are trained in using functional limitations to return employees to work within activities that are safe for themselves, their co-workers, and the public. We are there to help guide the return to work process.

Referrals to specialists or Independent Medical Examinations

Some health conditions or injuries are best treated by care beyond the scope of an onsite health clinic. In these instances, AnovaWorks' providers refer to specialists who have the required clinical skills, put the patient's interests first and maintain the relationship with the AnovaWorks provider. Our providers perform thorough examinations and gather medical histories before referring patients to specialists, and we only recommend specialist care when it’s necessary.

Care coordination

AnovaWorks providers work as a team to manage and coordinate cases with outside providers, insurance companies, and Labor and Industries. This prevents patients from becoming "lost in the system," speeding patient recovery and greatly reducing unnecessary costs.

Expert case consultation

Our medical providers are skilled in the evaluation of pesticide exposures cases, delayed recovery, and management of high-risk cases. Even when working at remote sites, our providers backed up by Board Certified Occupational Medicine Doctors via teleconferencing and other tools.

Claim Declination

AnovaWorks has a well-established and clearly defined process for managing the situation where an injured employee declines to file a Workers' Compensation claim that protects the employee's rights and reduces the employer's liabilities. Our process has been tested and refined over nearly two decades, and we maintain strong working relationships with Labor and Industries and the Washington Farm Bureau.

Claim filing assistance

AnovaWorks' staff are trained to always offer and assist injured employees in filing a Worker's Compensation claim when desired. Our expertise ensures that the claim process is complete, accurate and timely. We maintain forms in English and Spanish and have bilingual staff on-site where needed.