Medical Surveillance

Occupational hazards can affect many workplaces, and federal regulations require assessment of employees who have been exposed or potentially exposed to these hazards. AnovaWorks monitors medical surveillance data over time, helping to reduce the negative health impacts of occupational hazards.


Our certified hearing conservation technicians bring hearing test booths to your worksite. Employee screening services are completed efficiently with minimal time away from their work area. Reports are delivered to your company with recommendations offered by our physicians.

Respirator fit testing and questionnaires

Our providers and nurses evaluate an employee's ability to wear a respirator safely, taking multiple factors into consideration. As personal health and exposure risks are identified, our medical team considers these risks and makes appropriate recommendations.

Exposure testing

AnovaWorks provides cholinesterase screening services on-site. We bring this service to local orchardists, allowing pesticide applicators and handlers exposed to specific pesticides to be tested in an efficient and convenient manner. The entire process from completion of paperwork to obtaining blood specimens typically takes less than five minutes per person. We provide results to you with recommendations as indicated. Follow-up testing is also provided for those employees who meet accumulative hours of exposure as mandated by Washington State.


We come to your employees, offering an efficient vaccination clinic. In some locations, we deliver over 300 vaccinations in one day. Employers typically begin scheduling dates for their flu vaccination clinics in August.