Work Injury and Illness Treatment

Treatment of Work Injuries & Illnesses

Thoughtful, appropriate medical treatment is provided by our specialists, who utilize evidence-based medicine that dovetails with recommendations of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.    


Fit for Duty

Objective assessment is provided of current and/or potential employees in relation to the demands of the workplace.  These evaluations are also used after an employee has been off work for a period of time, due to either personal or work-related health issues.  Safety of the employee, co-workers and the public are considered. 


Referrals to Specialists and Consultants 

For employees needing specialized health care or diagnostics we interface with regional medical providers for consultations, referrals or specialized testing. 


Expert Case Consultation 

Our medical providers are skilled in evaluation of cases of pesticide exposures, delayed recovery, and management of high risk cases.


Blood borne Pathogen Exposure Evaluation

We evaluate risk based on exposure and offer medical recommendations and periodic testing for diseases associated with blood and body fluid exposure.  Referrals to Infectious Disease specialists are made if indicated.


Pesticide and Chemical Exposure Evaluations & Treatment

Evaluation of patient symptoms and careful consideration of chemicals to which the patient has been exposed is at the heart of pesticide exposure evaluations.  Objective evidence is used to make this medical determination.