Welcome from the CEO

ANOVAWORKS is an Occupational Medicine company that does business; not a business that does Occupational Medicine. 


ANOVAWORKS was born of the recognition that there was a need for excellence in Occupational Medicine.  That has been the central theme of our development and the reason for our growth. 

Our company has evolved as America's health care needs have changed.  We now provide health care beyond traditional occupational medicine....we have always delivered medical surveillance services, urgent personal health care and work injury treatment at your work place.   Incorporating illness prevention, biometric monitoring and health promotion now rounds out our package and gives your employees the opportunity to take control of their health.


Our focus and passion is commitment to provide employees and employers with excellent health care where and when it is needed.   


We welcome the opportunity to meet you, answer your questions and provide you with more information about ANOVAWORKS.


Jim Johnson, MD, AOM

Medical Director and Chief Executive Officer