ANOVAWORKS is an Occupational Medicine company that does business, not a business that does Occupational Medicine.  Our company was born of the recognition of the need for excellence in Occupational Medicine.   We will use our focus and passion for Occupational Medicine to gain national recognition.


Innovate.  Create.  Respond.

ANOVAWORKS has lead the way for operation of regional employer-based health care clinics.  Years before the Affordable Care Act was conceived we've introduced the benefits of building trusting relationships and bringing health care to the workforce in the workplace for both the employee and the employer.

The focus of our employer-based clinics has transitioned to include wellness, health education, urgent care and illness prevention, as well medical surveillance, work injury treatment and occupational health services.  

We've not lost sight of our origins, our values, our belief in the collaboration between employee, employer, the workers' compensation system.  Evidence-based medicine is what we practice.  But we've grown, become stronger and even more focused and driven to bring optimal health care, both personal and work-related, to your doorstep.

We believe it's the right thing to do