Medical Surveillance Screening 


Asbestos Surveillance Program

Examinations and surveillance testing consistent with Federal guidelines are administered.  Findings and recommendations are shared with both the employee and employer (HIPAA compliant).

Audiometric Testing Program

Employers whose worksites meet specific criteria set by OSHA must have hearing conservation programs that comply with standards of 29 CFR 1910.95. ANOVAWORKS assists employers meet these standards with our on-site audiometric testing capabilities. An audiobooth is transported to your place of business and hearing tests are conducted during times most convenient for employees, employers and work schedules.

Audiograms are reviewed by physicians and recommendations made based on identified abnormalities. Our Occupational Hearing Conservationists are trained and certified by the Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOCH).

Respirator Services

ANOVAWORKS' Respirator Certification Program conforms to Federal and Washington State standards. Services include

  • Review of the WISHA/OSHA Medical Respirator Questionnaire

  • Interview of respirator user by a licensed medical professional if indicated

  • Focused respiratory physical examination if needed

  • Pulmonary function test if indicated

  • Mask fit testing; both qualitative and quantitative are available 

These additional components are incorporated into the certification process based upon the worker's level of risk when using the respirator and current health status.


This service may be brought directly to your place of business. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Mr. Glen Leenders at 509.662.1955 or 509.670.4536.



Beryllium Exposure Evaluation Program

10 CFR 850 has established all guidelines for its Chronic Beryllium Disease Prevention Program. ANOVAWORKS has developed specific screening examinations and screening tests in response to federal guidelines. Chest x-rays must be "read" by a radiologist with specialized training and very specific blood tests help evaluate a worker's health status in relation to beryllium.


Cholinesterase Exposure Screening Program

ANOVAWORKS provides orchardists with services necessary to meet standards of the monitoring program required by WAC 296-307-148.  ANOVAWORKS' skilled professionals will come to your worksites to provide monitoring services for baseline and follow-up cholinesterase testing, which decreases lost productive worker hours to your organization.

• L&I Cholinesterase Monitoring Page


Hexavalent Chromium Exposure Evaluation Program

OSHA regulations require medical surveillance screening for workers handling materials containing chromium, such as spray paint, welding with stainless steel or working with chrome plating baths.

ANOVAWORKS' Hexavalent Chromium Exposure Evaluation Program is compliant with these regulations. The evaluation incorporates past medical history, previous exposure history, physical examination and laboratory testing if indicated. Both employees and employers are notified of results of screening.

• Download the OSHA fact sheet

• OSHA Chromium Page