Medical Examinations

Commercial Driver’s Licensing Medical Examinations (CDL/DOT)

Commercial Driving requires physical examinations to determine a driver's ability to safely operate a commercial vehicle.   The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires only trained and credentialed medical providers may perform these examinations.  Many of our medical providers are currently credentialed.  For those employers with an AnovaWorks employee health clinic on their work site, CDL holders can easily schedule appointments for these examinations.

Employer-specific Job Suitability Examinations

ANOVAWORKS is able to custom-design physical examinations and screening tests that provide pertinent information regarding the health and functional status of candidates for new or continued employment.  Our providers are skilled in correlating the significance of this information to the job requirements.  Employers are encouraged to contact Glen Leenders at for information.


Fit for Duty Examinations

Employers often request Fit for Duty examinations for employees who have been recently ill or away from work for a variety of reasons.  The purpose of these examinations is to determine not only the employee's ability to perform the essential job functions, but also to evaluate the employee's ability to perform these functions safely.


Pre-Placement Physical Examinations

Pre-placement physical examinations may include laboratory screening, pulmonary function tests, electrocardiogram, radiographs, strength testing, physical endurance testing and audiometric testing.  The examination and testing is customized after evaluation of essential job functions and potential risks and exposures.  ANOVAWORKS develops an examination protocol that provides information based on employer needs.