IN THE WORKPLACE

ANOVAWORKS has managed clinics in manufacturing plants, food processing plants, fruit processing companies, aluminum production plants, heavy construction sites and research facilities. 

Our medical and nursing staff are trained to evaluate and treat both personal health issues and work-related injuries and illnesses.   We help employees learn about their own health, illness prevention and personal health risks.  Health promotion and biometric services are offered.


Our track record?  We are pretty pleased with the results:

  • Steadily increasing employee usage.
  • Convenient health care for employees with little or no cost for basic services.
  • Easy access for employees (no one likes to wait for an appointment.....)
  • Significant cost savings for the employer, both for health insurance claims costs and workers' compensation costs.
  • Streamlined health care, referrals to primary care providers and specialists when needed, arranging for specialized diagnostic tests if indicated.
  • Establishing those trusting relationships that are so important between patient and medical provider.

Interested in learning more about work-site employee clinics?  Our current customers are always happy to share their own experiences and insights into the benefits of establishing an ANOVAWORKS employee health clinic.

View comments from an executive of Stemilt Growers of Wenatchee regarding impact of AnovaWorks Onsite Healthcare for their employees:



See article featuring AnovaWorks Onsite Clinics in recent issue of Good Fruit Grower magazine (May 15, 2016)



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