Educational Classes


Blood borne Pathogen and Universal Precautions Training

Our professional nursing and medical staff provide training specific to OSHA standards regarding blood borne pathogen exposure prevention.  Methods of implementing universal precautions are included.  Content of the program can be customized to meet your business or industry needs.  Contact either of our offices for more information or to schedule a class.


Employee Safety and Education Classes (multiple topics)

Keeping employees safe is not only an employer's responsibility in meeting OSHA and WISHA standards, it is the smart thing to do.  Preventing on the job injuries and illnesses is a cost-effective way to manage a business.  Our professional nursing and medical staff can provide training to workers and management staff for a variety of topics.  Let us know how we can help you cut costs by training.  You identify the subject matter--we provide the training.


Our ANOVAWORKS' ergonomics specialist comes to your worksite and evaluates you or your employee while performing normal and usual duties.  Because of our medical background, our ergonomic analyses provide a more broad and comprehensive evaluation.  This provides more realistic and specific recommendations.  Your company may implement these recommendations or, if you choose, we can put them in place for you.


One of the most critical factors in determining our health is our diet.  Many of our current chronic illnesses have been directly linked to current dietary trends.  Our nurse educators can present one or more classes to your employees.  Specific nutritional topics may be requested and content customized to your needs.

Wellness and Illness Prevention

Presentations on single or multiple topics about wellness and illness prevention can be provided to your employees.  Healthful lifestyle changes positively impact our ability to function at optimal levels, think clearly, and adapt to change and stress.  Join the national trend of inviting wellness into your employees' culture.  Lowering the cost of your company's health insurance may be the outcome.