Thursday, December 11, 2014 at 10:11AM

AnovaWorks is changing!

For fifteen years we have served our communities with two Occupational Medicine products, occupational medicine in our clinics and employee health care at employer sites.  We are restructuring our company into a single business focus; producing excellent health care for employees in employer-based locations.


Our services include:


For the last 1 ½ decades we have refined our production of employer site health care, striving for better occupational medicine and higher quality, more personal health care at a lower price.  Today there is a renewed recognition in employer and employee communities of the value of improved health care outcomes and satisfaction.  We are passionate about offering great access to health care that is based on relationships and convenience.  With appreciation for our past, we are committing all our attention, energy, efforts and expertise to the future; producing on-site health care that is associated with the highest quality and best outcomes. 


This is a pivotal moment for AnovaWorks, our employees and customers. It is another manifestation of the changes in our world. We face it with the strong intention of maintaining our values and beliefs as we contribute to a better, healthier world tomorrow.



Dr. Jim Johnson and the AnovaWorks Team

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