Consulting Services

Medical Program for Department of Energy Employees (10 CFR 851)

ANOVAWORKS has developed and implemented medical services that meet the requirements of 10 CFR 851 for companies that provide services on a Department of Energy site.  The entire program is founded on

  • employee work suitability,

  • return to work following an injury or illness,

  • health screening and wellness promotion,

  • policies, procedures, examination protocols, and

  •  medical surveillance designed to support the program, protect employees and aligns the employer with Department of Energy requirements. 

 Dr. James B. Johnson's presentation to EFCOG, April 2009   

To set up a consultation or for more information please contact Glen Leenders.


Medical Program for Beryllium Screening for Department of Energy (10 CFR 850)

Exposure to beryllium carries potential health risks during the time of exposure, as well as the possibility of symptoms that may develop in the future. ANOVAWORKS' Beryllium Screening Program puts into place the federal mandates of 10 CFR 850. Screening for reactions to beryllium include physical examination, specialized blood testing and radiographs of the lungs. Our Beryllium Screening Program includes notification of employee of the results of testing and further recommendations. We also notify the employer about medical recommendations specific to each employee registered in the program.


Ergonomic Evaluations

ANOVAWORKS provides ergonomic evaluations of employee work stations. Determining appropriate posture and placement of work equipment is essential in preventing employee fatigue and possible health issues. ANOVAWORKS goes a step further in also analyzing employee factors and work requirements. Personal consultations at your place of work may be arranged by contacting either AnovaWorks medical office.


Delayed Recovery Cases

Employees who do not recover in a typical way from a work-related injury or illness are at risk for Delayed Recovery Syndrome. Early intervention is required in preventing or shortening the duration of delayed recovery. ANOVAWORKS' medical providers are trained in Occupational Medicine Best Practices that have been developed during years of practice to positively affect these patients with the goal of minimizing the impact of delayed recovery.